LKIF Gallery is pleased to accounce Every Day Is A New Day, a solo exhibition by Sime. This is the artist’s first show with the gallery and her first in Seoul.

Born in Montreal, Canada, and grew up in Hong Kong, Spime constantly seeks to bridge a gap between two cultures. Experiencing the cultural diffrences repeatedly as she tries to belong, Spime got a self awareness as a diaspora, which led her to creating her own world where she can float across the boundaries of time and space.

Spime’s painting is characterized by figures in a whimsical shape, artificial hues, and flatness. While the main figure plays a central role in each work, the background remains as unknown place that leads the viewer to mull over the meaning of the images. With the recurring motifs throughout Spime’s paintings - the border between day and night, fruits that evoke color prejudice, orbs implying glances - the artist speaks about our desire to belong and contemporary emotional states in a sequenced narrative.

In this exhibition, Spime shows the beauty of disparate elements in a surreal way. Each figure starring forward gives the viewer a sense of being otherized and asks question about asymmetry on gender, culture and power.  The artist is challenging herself to find a value of diversity and search for the magic and strange beauty in the unexpected and the uncanny of emergent belonging.

JUNE 5 -26, 2022


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