LKIF GALLERY is pleased to announce, EYEWATER SEOUL 2021, a solo exhibition by Yuya Hashizume. This is the artist’s second solo show at the gallery.

Yuya Hashizume was born in 1983 in the Okayama Prefecture, and currently lives and works in Tokyo.

In recent years, the artist has been attracting attention for his series of works Eyewater which depicts the moment when a single tear falls from the eyes of his subjects whom are painted against a single-color background using illustrative techniques reminiscent of Japanese anime.

This series of works were initially made using silkscreen, and had been created based on the idea of exploring means of producing the creations of Fujiko F. Fujio that are renowned as prime examples of fiction. Later, he gradually started to incorporate the use of acrylic paint in continuing to develop these works, also increasingly introducing elements unique to himself in terms of depiction, including the symbolic teary eye and the ways in which the details are illustrated.

The latest acrylic paintings in this exhibition feature motifs of animals — cat, owl, chimpanzee, and plush bear.

SEP 18 - OCT 5, 2021

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