LKIF GALLERY is pleased to present Pin bokeh, a solo exhibition of Tokyo-based artist Hiraparr Wilson from August 21 to September 5, 2021.

The Visible and invisible drew the artist’s attention from his childhood. His interest in visual experience partially came from vitreous floaters, the eye symptom he has. Wilson consistently explores the relations of visual perception and one’s memory through his works. His practice can be explained as a process of composing various representations and creating new dialogues between them.

Bricolage and spray-painting are his main working techniques. By grouping ordinary objects sampled from everyday life, he creates his own landscape. Along with bricolage, his unique use of color with spray paint allows the viewer to have pleasant associations. Also, he overtly adopt anthropomorphism to his works, and he calls it “innocent expression”. He used to spend time catching insects, wandering the neighborhood, eating snacks when he was a kid. His choice of object is grounded on the retained fragments of life and he makes them come across the boundaries of time and space on the canvas.

“We don’t see things when it’s too small or too far away both physically and cognitively. My practice is an experiment to create a world with those things that cannot be seen. My eye has symptoms of floaters since childhood, That’s also effecting me to make these works I guess.
I want people to experience new sceneries through my paintings and have fun. I also have admiration for mother nature and the accumulation of time. So my works look like fossils from the future or the surface of the other planet.”

Hiraparr Wilson was born in 1986 in Tokyo, Japan, and studied Art Studies at Tama Art University.

He has worked on the artworks of musicians including Omoide Yaro A-Team, CATBOYS, Yakenohara, BTB Tokko, while he contributes illustration graphics to T by GASBOOK, a T-shirt label by GAS AS INTERFACE, and Shanghai-based fashion brand SIRLOIN.  Wilson also organizes events such as “MARA AIR,” Koheisai Kawamura’s solo shadow-picture exhibition and “MEMOLEEM,” a theater piece featuring musician Yousuke Fujimoto and BOREDOMS’s EYヨ, expanding his activity in alternative fields by constantly crossing genres.

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