JULY 10-31, 2022 


In this exhibition, the artist speaks about how we are connected to the complex relationship between our youth and adulthood. Throuout the paintings, she transforms herself into different adventurers, searching for a better way to grow up. The narratives are personal but universal, unfamiliar but somehow familiar.

Yang Du’s paintings invite us to her virtual space where we meet her interpretation of philosophical and psychological ideas. Her methodology is that she first simulate the forms of characters and layout of the scene with the latest 3D modeling software, and paints with traditional oil color on canvas, which emphasize the link between tradition and innovation. Complex relationship between figurative and abstract, past and present, virtual and reality creates unreal tone evoking the viewer’s senses in where art and human being intersect.

In the society where everything is more focused on appearance than inner side, the artist keeps dealing with various strata of soul-searching. It seems she realized the introspection is the force for growth and innocence of childhood can be source of creation. In a wider(broad) scope, the connection to the past, present, furture is considered the main source of inspiration in Yang Du’s performative process of painting . Through “Children without Innocence” the artist retrospects her childhood but also embrace her current while being optimistic about the future.

“Sometimes be like a struggling youth, sometimes like a casual older man,
but always live like a child, without regret to follow my heart.”  - Yang Du

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