Me, Myself, and I

OCT 11-29, 2022


In the tradition of art, self portrait has been considered as the trace of the artist's self-reflective thoughts and memories which allow us to follow his journey. Through the present day, many artists have produced their self portraits. Ryu also has been depicting herself in the process of navigating her life. She has stated that she initially started paintings as a therapeutic practice, and that continued to be the foundation for her work.

“The process of painting is the way I face and embrace my true self.
I gaze at my inner feelings and feature subjects that represent incomplete myself.”

In this presentations, Ryu introduces her meditative self portraits. When comparing the features shown in the previous works, her recent practice is changing to not as an external description with her character in a narrative but as an expression of interiority. Emotional purification through self-expression is more engaged throughout her recent work.The artist encapsulates her emotional states and embark on a meditation while she paints.

In the central work in this exhibition <목하사이>, a woman is standing still in repose.  The title means “between  moments’. The artist added the explanation that she sometimes get a sense of existing between the moments while meditating. <The Moment 1-5>, five round canvase paintings all bear the same title, albeit with different numbers. Like most of the others on view in this exhibition, this series of works are self referential and they hint at swirling emotions in a soft, subdued color palette. Ryu shows a consistent cast of characters-her many selves- in a loose clusters. She projects this emotional content onto the viewer with very subtle facial features across the paintings presented.

We only aware of our face by mirroring. We constantly prove our existence to others by self-imaging ourself. We choose which version of self to show others, as social media is now a part of our lives. Through the exhibition, Ryu asks questions. Are you seeing your true self? Do you find answers pertaining to yourself?

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