Born in 1984. 
Lives and works in Jeju, KOR.


Painting, Department of Fine Arts, Silla University


2022 “Ever Yours” LKIF Gallery, Seoul
2022 “My Mate in HK” Gallery Ascend, Hong Kong
2021 “My Mate” LKIF Gallery, Seoul
2021 “Pili Aloha” LKIF Gallery, Seoul
2020 “Lost Paradise” 525KUNSTDOC, Busan
2019 “Greening” Via Art Gallery, Jeju
2018 “My Rhythm” Artitude Gallery, Busan
2017 “The boy from the last continent of MU” Via Art Gallery, Jeju
2017 “Middleman” Middleman Gallery, Busan
2016 “Way to the island” Gallery Aile, Seoul
2012 “Fantastic dreams of forests and jungles” Via Art Gallery, Jeju


2021 “Satellite Village” Gallery Ascend, Hong Kong
2021 “Records of Strolling” Mikwang Gallery, Busan
2021 “Holidays for me” Artside Gallery, Seoul
2021 “The Garden” EveryArt, Seoul
2020 “Hiroshi Kobayashi & Jun Seok Kang” SH Gallery, Tokyo
2020 “Painters” ,EveryArt , Seoul
2019 “All the small things shop : Separation Anxiety” L gallery, Seoul
2018 “A grown-up's fairy tale” Art SoHyang, Busan
2017 “Blurred Addiction” Art SoHyang, Busan
2017 “A companion:a life together” Shinsegae Gallery Centumcity, Busan
2016 "Coffee, the invitation to space" Gangneung Museum of Art, Gangneung
2014 "Monthly Project Yoon Jong Shin" Gana Art Gallery, Seoul
2013 "Monthly Yoon Jong Shin in May"Cafe LOB, Seoul
2013 “Flowers in bloom on the field of hearts” Art studio in Lee Jungseob Art Museum, Jeju
2012 "Face to Face" Kim's ArtField, Busan
2012 “Communication and Flow” Seoul Art Center Gongpyeong Gallery, Seoul
2011 "Warm Pictures" Gallery GOLMOK, Seoul
2011 “Young Artists' New Leap” WON Gallery, Seoul
2011 “Secret garden and a dancing cat” Hanwon Museum of Art, Seoul
2010 "Fantastic World" Art Mediate Space SSAM, Busan
2010 “EXIT”-Exhibition of eight rising artists Doosan We've the Zenith Gallery, Busan
2010 “The Dream Space” Geumnyeonsan gallery by Busan Museum of Art, Busan

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