LKIF GALLERY is pleased to present a selection of paintings by Hin . This is the artist’s first show in Seoul.

Hin(b.1990, Japan) attempts to antidote information overload by incorporating pixelated images and the abstractness that occurs when analogue is converted to digital.

We are living in an age where two-dimensional images excessively flooding online and the real world of  three-dimensional have lost their sensual boundaries and have blended together.

The pixel, the smallest element of the computer’s recording and of reproduction of an image, can be seen when binary data is reproduced on a two-dimensional conceptual screen. Drops are the accidental result of aerosol spraying in the three-dimensional physical world.

Hin explains her practice called “virtual spray” as her own way to detoxify the information overload(digital detox) like a therapy.

Playing with colors of spray drops and hand-drawn shapes, the artist rebalances the digital and analogue worlds.

JANUARY 15-30, 2022

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