Relaxical Landscape

MARCH 4-22, 2023

We are pleased to present Relaxical Landscape by Hin.This is the artist’s second exhibition with the gallery.

This exhibition does not require any interpretations. But we can better grasp the logic of expression that guides the exhibition when we know the artist’s approaches, ideas, and inspirations behind the works.

Hin once said the present era is full of “excesses” and she, as a person living in this era and as a painter, is trying to find her own balance. The artist renders today’s excesses especially the data-glut meaningful through her artistic methodology, which she calls “digital detox”.

Her digital detoxification goes through two parts.
First part is to apply colors on canvas using sprays and brushes ,which makes rather raw state of informations. 
The second part is to materialize the concept of information by adding pixelated lines.

Lumps of colors and pixelated lines all hint that the artist has chosen the opposite strategy of elaborate manner of painting. Also deliberately pixelated lines stand for its origin, the digital information.

“I feel comfort when it’s less hyper-realistic.It’s like when I picked up a Miffy picture book at a bookstore and turned the pages, and when I saw  Matisse's "Snails Space” at the Tate Modern in England. Whenever my heart was moved in my life, it was by a painting. I’ve been exploring therapeutic aspect of painting ever since. I feel I’m getting detoxified when a new landscape opening up on my canvas.I hope my audience will get comfort through my paintings too”

The artist explains that the biggest inspirations for this exhibition titled “Relaxical Landscape” were Japanese Garden and Ukiyo-e from Edo Period in Japanese history.

During Edo period(1603-1867), Men of power created their own gardens. They often invited guests to their gardens and had a relaxing time with the view. This “Daimyo garden” was a complex assemblage of nature, in which reflected the owner’s philosophy.  “In certain aspect, it could be said the daimyo Gardens were their contemporary art  to people in Edo period.”, the artist adds.

The artist seems to make perfectly organized scenery with poetic elements in a similar way to construct this Japanese garden. She takes a process selection and staging of elements meticulously before she starts painting. According to Hin’s notes, she ramifies each work’s constituents into many inspirational sources.

In ‘Untitled(Perfect Lovers), 2023’, she makes the scene focusing on organic elements such as butterflies, bamboos, fruits, rainbow, two people relaxing, and stone that looks like “perfect lovers by Felix Gonzalez-Torres”.

In other work, ‘Fukama Yuusuzuminokei, 2023’, the artist brought straight lines of fusama(janpanese sliding screen) along with organic elements such as moonlight, wavy water, sky, and pine trees.

Hin’s paintings are a combination of art historical reference, her personal objects, and contemporary narratives. While her rather simple and blunt style of expression attracts us, the theatrical narrative of well-organized scenery engages us even more in her paintings.

The artist has sought her ways to relax against excessive digital sensations of contemporary life. Through ten paintings in this exhibition, she invites us on a journey to enjoy the ambient vibe of various sceneries resulting from her “digital detox”.It seems clear that the artist aligns her act of painting, and viewer’s act of seeing into a unified perspective.

“To get healed through paintings.”


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